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The Android File Transfer app lets you connect your Android phone to your Mac computer with a USB cable. Once you download the app, you only need to connect your phone and transfer your files. Android File Transfer is the way to go when you want to back up your Android phone to your Mac computer. Android devices are always open to many customizations, you can force Android to update and reinstall the new OS on your device in a few simple steps. A new Android OS will replace the manufacturer’s modded version with full link a stock and clean version. Or, it can even beef up the existing Android OS version with amazing new features.

Double-click the icon after selecting the File Transfer option. To sync and/or backup data to your Mac, go to your Android device and browse the files, folders, and so on. Select and select which items you want to sync and/or backup on your Mac. A stock ROM is the pre-installed operating system of an Android device. The use of a ‘custom ROM’ is a common strategy for people who want to control their device more.

  • You may never want to lose your personal contact details.
  • Your device might show a black screen during this process, so don’t worry and make yourself a coffee until the backup’s complete and your phone boots back.
  • Later on, you will need to copy the ROM file to the root of your phone’s internal storage.
  • The following tutorial is only for the initial installation.
  • You can use the service to backup your photos and videos to the cloud in just a few minutes.

Every smartphone brand has a unique firmware format, and the boot.img location on a firmware might also change. Many OEMs, like as Google and Motorola, enable users to extract boot.img files straight from their firmware. However, manufacturers such as Realme and Oppo keep the Boot.img file within the OZIP file, whereas OnePlus stores the image file within payload.bin. So to fix any modding-related issues, boot your phone into TWRP, then press the “Restore” button. From here, select your backup from the list (it will be named based on the date it was created), then simply swipe the slider at the bottom of the screen.

backup stock rom android tablet

At the time of changing custom rom some users often loose their phone data, which is really a disastrous thing and no one can afford to loose their data. Also read How to Replace Kingroot with SuperSu Easily and How to Install Dolby Atmos. But to seamlessly root an Android phone, you must install Magisk. Magisk may be installed using a number different techniques, such as TWRP recovery. If you choose not to install TWRP Recovery, you must extract boot.img from stock firmware and use Magisk to patch it. Generally Nandroid Backup is created using CWM recovery. But my procedure is very simple by using which you can easily create nandroid backup without cwm/custom recovery.

  • Download the Smart phone flash tool for Windows and Linux from the links provided below.
  • For every different type of data, we will try to provide you the most effective options to get the job done.
  • Recovery is small piece of software that runs in the recovery partition on your device.
  • The next step of the process is to make a proper USB connection between your device and your PC.
  • The process of flashing the fastboot ROM on your Nothing Phone 1 and restoring the stock NothingOS software is quite easy.

Most of us aware of the name Cyanogen Mod which is the best custom ROM for android and is used by most of the android users. According to a survey done by a poll many users like to Cyanogen Mod then stock rom. Checkout SMS Bomber – Text Message Bomber For Prank with Your Friends and Spotify Premium Apk to get premium features of spotify music. So, you can use this guide to flash rom without losing data in your android smartphones easily. In fact you can update custom rom always according to your choice and whenever you need you can update custom rom without losing data.

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