Free UPI Payment Gateway in India to Accept UPI Payments

The cost of integrating a payment gateway varies from one solution provider to another. You can check the pricing of the Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway here. An online wallet works as a payment instrument that can be used by customers to store money for later use. Selecting a suitable payment gateway is a crucial step towards growing your business online. Read this blog for the best payment gateway features and advantages to look for in 2021. PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways ensure the utmost security of the personal information of end consumers transacting on a portal.

  • There are other options for collecting recurring payments, sharing invoices, and applying for working capital loans.
  • The right payment gateway can help you achieve that by securing transactions and simplifying the checkout process.
  • We are PCI DSS, ISO compliant organisation with regular third-party audits and dedicated global internal security team always makes sure your data is safe with us.

I have successfully led Business and Marketing operations of several Large & Small; American, European, Chinese & Indian Brands and Startups. In totality, I have worked with over 100 Brands during my 21 years of professional career with a proven track record of Building Sustainable & Profitable Businesses. It bolsters companies with the most wholesome and gratifying transactional experience through the industry’s state-of-the-art means. Highly customizable Payment Gateway from Open can help you maintain the look and feel of your brand for seamless integration. By using this form you agree that your personal data would be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We are also working to add additional alternate payment methods so that your global customers can see payment modes that are local and familiar to them. A payment gateway is a tool that enables businesses to accept payments online from anywhere via different channels and devices. It helps in receiving payments from the customers online and acts as a link between their bank account and that of the merchants.

Do you support card tokenisation?

Your point-of-sale terminal will authorize the credit card payment using the chip reader. But if you plan to offer a hybrid of online and offline sales, it can make sense to incorporate a payment gateway into both your e-commerce and real-world checkout process. Your payment gateway needs to connect your website and merchant bank account together with other processors.

The acquiring bank is the bank that is in charge of the seller’s account. The seller’s account receives money from the customer’s account through a payment gateway transfer. Many users who are processing large volumes online prefer to have multiple payment gateways for many reasons. Though many members prefer this, you do not need more than one, especially if you are getting started. You have a few options for how to integrate with a payment gateway, depending on how you’d like to receive payments from your customers.

The payment gateway supports all payment methods, including domestic and foreign cards, net banking, UPI, Paytm Wallet, and Paytm PostPaid. Overall, payment gateways simplify the online payment process for your business and help you receive payments faster, more conveniently, and with better security. If you are considering receiving online payments, or want to enhance the method you are already using, then a payment gateway is what you’re looking for. Google pay, Netbanking, debit & credit cards, EMI and even pay later options! With it, merchants can accept payments from customers using Touch ID and Face ID.

What is a Payment Gateway?

MobiKwik’s most famous customers are Zomato, Uber, and Business World. With both the PayPal Commerce Platform and Payflow, you get everything you may need in a payment. Once the account is verified, our product team will help you with the integration.

Secure payments for a trustworthy customer experience

Payment gateway providers are crucial in facilitating online transactions between merchants, customers, and banks. The GCC payment gateway market is witnessing substantial growth driven by a confluence of factors. One of the key drivers of the market is the burgeoning e-commerce ecosystem. As consumers in the GCC countries increasingly turn to online platforms for their shopping needs, businesses are realizing the necessity of providing secure and convenient payment options. Payment gateways play a pivotal role in this scenario by ensuring the safe transfer of sensitive financial information, bolstering customer trust and confidence in online transactions. Furthermore, the swift adoption of smartphones and digital payment methods across the region has created a fertile ground for payment gateway providers.

It also enables users to store information, like bank details or credit card numbers for recurring payments. It is the integrated payment gateway that will keep the data secure from possible cyber threats. Net banking, cards, wallets, EMI, UPI, and purchase now pay later are among the company’s more than 100 payment options. Because it accepts more than 100 different currencies, businesses may take payments from worldwide. As long as you accept (or want to accept) credit card payments online or on a mobile device, you’ll need a payment gateway. Without it, you won’t be able to verify a customer’s credit card information, process payments, or finalize the sale.

Paytm Payment Gateway enables users to accept payments from anyone, anywhere, from all channels and devices. Google Wallet, formerly known as Google Pay, is a digital wallet that makes it easier to interact with payment gateways. Instead of carrying around a credit or debit card, users can store encrypted card data on their phones, allowing them to safely pay without having their cards present. Merchants can gain access to payment gateway systems through merchant acquiring bank partnerships or they can use their own payment gateway system. Large banks such as Bank of America (BAC) and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) have sophisticated payment gateway systems that they offer to customers along with their own merchant acquiring bank services. The architecture of a payment gateway will differ depending on whether it is an in-store gateway or an online payment portal.

DirecPay is one of the largest solutions service providers in India. That is the reason if you are expecting orders from international consumers, you have to have PayPal integrated into your eCommerce Store. PayPal supports more than 100 currencies with a fund withdrawal facility in your bank accounts in 57 currencies and holds balances in their PayPal accounts in 26 currencies. PayPal is a global payment platform available in 200+ countries across the world. PayPal claims to have processed 4 billion payments (including 1 billion mobile) in 2014.

This is where Cashfree Payment Gateway steps in, helping e-commerce brands revolutionize their checkout process and deliver a payment experience that’s five times faster than the competition. Payment gateway costs depend on the service provider that one selects. You may pay set-up fees, transaction fees, merchant discount rates and additional fees for things like chargebacks and cancellations.

Now, customers enter a personal identification number (PIN) in the terminal. Another advantage of using Stripe in India is the ease of integration. Stripe offers a range of tools and resources to help businesses integrate their payment systems seamlessly. This includes a user-friendly dashboard that allows businesses to manage payments, refunds, and disputes efficiently. Atom is promoted by FT Group and it is an innovative Payment Service Provider with over 100 payment options, 15 million + transactions, 4500+ strong merchants across the country.

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