Angular Project: A Step-by-Step Guide to Build First Angular Project 2023 Edition

The platform template variable is now a reference to the NG g form directive instance that governs the form as a whole. The input elements are not yet bound to data values or events. Also, let’s add submitted property, which will change depending on the state of the form and on submit method. Let’s first build our bad class which defines a data model reflected in our form.

  • PlatformBrowserDynamic – This option is required to bootstrap the Angular app n the browser.
  • The architecture diagram indentifies, the eight main building blocks of an Angular application.
  • The type of declared variables and data structures are validated in runtime so that no conflicts occur later during code execution.
  • The Component is the main building block of an Angular Application.
  • A certification program is very much like a course that will help you learn Angular, but it also awards you with a certificate after you complete the program successfully.
  • Before you go ahead with application building, make sure you are familiar with Angular’s core concepts.

This is one of the comprehensive and most up-to-date courses to learn Angular in depth. This course will use Typescript for developing an Angular application. Earlier, I have shared the best Angular Books and best Angular Courses and in this article, I am going to share the best free Angular courses for beginners. If you haven’t heard of ES6 yet, it’s basically new syntax and features for Javascript. We’ll link to resources on specific aspects of it in the next tutorial, but here’s a comprehensive list detailing most of ES6’s features. It’s not as simple as running npm install to upgrade your AngularJS apps to Angular.

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You will learn about components, services, pipes, routing and navigation, directives, unit testing, and more. Angular is a huge framework and it requires a considerable amount of time and effort to learn. But learning Angular is worth it because it is popular and Angular developers are paid very well. It is used all around the world for building single-page applications.

PlatformBrowserDynamic – This option is required to bootstrap the Angular app n the browser. Now, Angular CLI will create required files for running the Angular Projects along with related packages which will be downloaded in the node_modules folder. The above table shows some basic syntax related to the variable declaration or function declaration. In spite of that, we can also create any class and its related functionalities or objects in Typescript.


As I told you, Angular is the most popular JavaScript framework and it helps you to create complex web applications in less time. It not only makes your job easy but also opens new doors of opportunity for you. It looks good on the resume and can help you get a high-paying job in the booming web development market. The course will teach you how to authenticate an angular application from scratch. You will learn how to set up MongoDB, create RESTful APIs, and authenticate the angular application.

  • Now, if you have decided to learn the popular JS framework, it’s time to move forward and see how you can actually embark on the journey to become an Angular developer.
  • Also, if you know JavaScript quite well, picking up the fundamentals of TypeScript won’t be an issue.
  • I created one blank component with only h2 tag in the view to demonstrate all different ways we can style it.
  • Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for building web apps.
  • In simple terms, we can think of TypeScript as JavaScript with additional features.
  • This powerful frontend Javascript framework is actively developed by Google, and it’s quite possibly the most popular framework among developers.

We can remove these additional CSS selectors by setting encapsulation to none. Being able to style your app is very important because it allows you to make your app unique and attractive. We declare a message event variable with the output decorator and set it to equal to a new event emitter.

Why to Learn AngularJS?

However, you need to keep in mind that the whole tutorial is available as text embedded on a single web page. So, if you are someone who is not in favor of reading a lot, this tutorial might not be the best pick for you. You will likely need to go through many resources and follow them to see which one works best for you. Obviously, this is time-consuming, and you may lose interest in learning Angular if you do not find some learning material that you can stick to.

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In the last step, we need to mention one Angular component as a root component for the Angular module. But out of those components, one component needs to be a root or bootstrap component that will be executed first when the Angular module will be bootstrapped in the browser. Angular analyzes the page DOM and builds the bindings based on the Angular-specific element attributes.

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